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Compact Column PA System with Quick-Slide Mounting System


Designed as a compact system for live use, it surprises for its sound quality, the extremely wide coverage and the high sound pressure.

  • 1200W Peak Power
  • 8x 2.75” full-range Neodymium Drivers
  • 12” High-excursion Subwoofer
  • Nearly 180° horizontal coverage
  • Compact, tough yet stylish cabinet


The very low weight of the active subwoofer (less than 20kg) and the practical bag with strap, which houses top speaker and connection unit (a little over 5kg in total), make this system the ideal partner for your gigs with which you cannot do without.

The LIVEMAKER 1211 NEO is composed of a passive top unit, an intermediate support unit with a profile identical to the top but only equipped with internal electrical connections, and a subwoofer enclosure containing amplifiers, crossover and input section.


The output connections are made via the robust and extremely reliable slide mounting system, which attach the subwoofer top to the middle unit bottom and the middle unit top to the column speaker bottom. The assembly / disassembly operations are extremely fast and efficient, always guaranteeing the perfect positioning of all elements in a few seconds.


The top unit consists of 8x 2.75” full-range drivers with Neodymium magnets arranged in vertical array. The X-shaped one-by-one horizontal position of the drivers assures a coverage approximately close to 180°.


The vented subwoofer houses a 12” woofer that surprises for the high sound pressure in spite of the small dimensions.


The balanced connections and the independent controls of top column and subwoofer always guarantee the highest audio quality and perfect balance between top and bottom edge of the audio spectrum.

Key Features

  • 1200W Portable Powered Column PA System
  • Quick and Reliable Slide Mounting System
  • 12” high-excursion subwoofer
  • Internal electrical connection between subwoofer and top column
  • Strong yet Lightweight Plywood enclosures
  • 1200W Peak Power Class-D amp with switching power supply
  • Stereo Crossover with Balanced Inputs/outputs
  • 8x 2.75” Full-Range Neodymium drivers
  • Top Drivers Alternating X-Arrangement for nearly 180° coverage
  • Padded bag with strap for column speaker and support unit
  • Only 24kg total weight for maximum portability