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16 channels UHF Wireless System for Fitness applications

WF-U4 FITNESS is the answer to freedom of movement needs and protection against moisture that must characterize a wireless microphone specifically designed for fitness and for all activities based on high physical activity. The other key features are the absolute ease of use and protection against interference, which are the real answer to those who have not much time for setting or sound check: just plug the receiver into a 6.3mm jack socket of your audio system, choose one of the 16 frequencies available and that's it. The WF-U4 FITNESS operates in the ISM-Europe band (863-865 MHz), which is free throughout Europe and does not require special permissions or licenses. Frequency selection is done via the DIP-switch on the receiver and via the infrared synchronization system on the transmitter. Finally, the system is equipped with a practical and sturdy case to protect the elements when not in use and easy transport.

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Key features & Specifications


Key features

16-Channel UHF wireless microphone with PLL circuit Design
Hard sweat resistant headset transmitter with dynamic capsule
DIP-switch channel selection with IR sync to transmitter
No license across Europe (ISM Europe, 863-865MHz)
Specifically designed for fitness applications
Quick installation system without cables between receiver and PA system
Small and easy to carry receiver
6.3mm Jack for direct connection to amplifier systems
Headset Transmitter uses 1x 1.5V-AAA battery
Receiver uses 1x 1.5V-AA battery
More specifications


System Carrier Frequency UHF 863-865 MHz
System Frequency Stabilization <±30ppm
System Dynamic Range >100dB
System Total Harmonic Distortion <0.5%
System Frequency Response 40Hz – 15KHz ±3dB
System Ideal Distance 30m
Receiver Consume Power 100 mA
Receiver Signal/Noise Ratio >100dB
Receiving Sensitivity 5 dBuV (SINAD = 30dB)
Receiver De-Emphasis 50µs
Transmitter Power 10mW
Modulation Type FM
Transmitter Deviation ±40KHz
Microphone Capsule Cardioid Dynamic Capsule
Transmitter Current Consumption <90mA