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Soundhole pickup for acoustic guitar

SP100_VT amplify your guitar easily and effectively. Mount it on the soundhole of your guitar, plug the jack and you are ready to go! You love the sound of your guitar. Don't worry. SP100-VT will do its job preserving the natural tone of your instrument. Volume and tone controls allow small adjustment whether necessary. A useful accessory to amplify your guitar instantly without digging holes on its body.

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Key features & Specifications


Key features

Instant and easy installation
Preserve the natural tone of your guitar
Tone & volume controls
Adjustable controls position
Fits most acoustic guitars with sound hole diameter starting from 75mm
Suitable to connect with guitar amplifiers or directly into the PA system
Including 1,5m jack cable
More specifications


Magnetic humbucker pickup
3,5mm mini jack connector
Soundhole compatible diameter (min-max) 75-105 mm