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2x 4-Channel UHF wireless system with 1 receiver, 2 pocket transmitters and 2 headsets

WIREFREE series wireless systems adopt the fully integrated solution single chip, integrated microphone amplifier, audio based on DSP processor, PLL frequency synthesizer, etc. This allows us to offer highly professional performance yet cost-effective products to everyone.

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Key features & Specifications


Key features

Dual 4-Channel UHF Receiver
2 Pocket Transmitter + 2 Headset Microphone with Professional Condenser Cardioid Capsule
SMT technology with surface mounting components
Designed for professional live and educational purposes
Unidirectional cardioid condenser microphones for a clear and bright sound
Special compression/expansion circuitry to greatly improve s/n ratio without affecting audio quality
High efficiency batteries consumption design, in order to guarantee the use of the wireless microphone even after many hours
Multiple noise control circuit, refuse to external interferences and the opening s/q system
Carrier Frequency ISM Europe (863-865 MHz). It doesn't need special license for use within European community.
19" standard rack mountable receiver using the optional kit WF-RACK KIT1 (single receiver in 1 19" rack unit) and WF-RACK KIT2 (2 receivers in 1 19" rack unit).
More specifications


Carrier Frequency UHF 863-865MHz
Frequencies 863.000 MHz / 863.500 MHz / 864.000 MHz / 865.000 MHz
Frequency Stabilization Automatic calibration
Dynamic Range > 90dB
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.4%
Frequency Response 40Hz-15KHz ±3dB
Receiver Power Supply DC17V - 300mA
Receiver Power Consumption < 4W
Receiver Signal/Noise Ratio > 95dB
Receiving Sensitivity >7dBuV (SINAD=30dB)
Transmitter Power 10mW
Modulation Type FM
Max Deviation ±20KHz
Battery Voltage 3V (2x1.5V AA Battery)
Battery Continuum Using 5 hours
Packing Dimension (WxHxD) 375 x 285 x 65 mm
Packing Gross Weight 1.6kg
Pocket Transmitter Dimension (WxHxD) 62 x 103 x 30 mm
Pocket Transmitter Antenna (W/DxH) Ø3 x 9 mm
Pocket Transmitter Net Weight 0.135kg
Headset Microphone Net Weight 0.05kg

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