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Piano 88 keys Ultramicrofiber Keyboard Cover Blue color

Brand new maintenance and protection cover for 88 keys digital pianos. This Ultramicrofiber-made Cover is the best alternative to traditional clothes used o protect piano keyboards from dust and moisture. With this new extraordinary material - Ultramicrofiber - the cover trasformed into an indestructible cloth,washable by hand and in the eash machine so many time you want. Furthermore it allows traspiration: this is very important because moisture accumulated on the keyboard after use is absorbed by the cloth so avoiding damage to the instrument in the long term. Very relevant is also that ultramicrofiber is a powerful antibacteria, dry very quickly and protect the keyboard from straches as it is a very soft material for surfaces.

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Key features & Specifications


Key features

Anti mite and anti bacteria
Protect the instument very effectively against moisture
Washable you can wash by hand or machine infinite times and it will last
Quick Drying
Protect from unwanted scratches during cleaning operations
Color Blu