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UHF True Diversity Dual Wireless Microphone System

WF-U2300 is a dual UHF True Diversity professional wireless microphone with 300 channels for each microphone, and a simple and intuitive user interface. “True Diversity” means that the receiving system is equipped with two antennas, two receiving circuits and a device capable of continuously choose the stronger and interference-free signal. This technology is used for both single systems (WF-U1300) or dual systems (WF-U2300). The WF-U2300 is built with leading technology that allows the integration of many of the major functions - such as amplification section, digital signal processing, PLL (Phase-Locked Loop) frequency synthesis, and more - into a single CHIP. This allows us to offer highly professional performance yet cost-effective products. The WF-U2300 is also equipped with the automatic frequency search system and IR sync system for channel synchronization between receiver and transmitter in a quick way. Furthermore, the Digital Pilot Technology not only allows to monitor reception level and battery charge, but even to operate with multiple systems without problems. Finally, there are two optional kit for rack mounting of 1 or 2 receivers, respectively, on 1 or 2 standard 19” rack units.

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Key features & Specifications


Key features

UHF True Diversity Technology to Avert Interferences
300 Preset Frequencies for each microphone, and IR Matching System for Quick Setup
823-832 MHz UHF Band
Simple and Outright User Interface with LCD display on Transmitter and Receiver
Digital Pilot Technology to allow multi system Operation
Transmitter AF-level and Battery-Low Monitoring directly on the Receiver
80 m Ideal Distance (without obstacles)
Bodypack Transmitters with Connector Locking System
Professional and Lightweight Headsets with High-Sensibility Condenser Cardioid Capsules
Rack-Mount Kit for 1 or 2 receiver units to 1x or 2x 19” rack unit (optional)
More specifications


Carrier Frequency UHF823-832 MHz
Frequency Stabilization < ±30ppm
Dynamic Range >90 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.5%
Frequency Response 40 Hz-15kHz ±3 dB
Audio Output Level Balanced 400 mV; Unbalanced 400 mV
Packing Dimensions (WxHxD) 435x104x321 mm
Packing Gross Weight 2.5 kg
Receiver Power Supply DC 12V/500 mA
Receiver Consume Power 7 W
Signal/Noise Ratio >90 dB
Receiving Sensitivity 5 dBuV
De-Emphasis 75 uS
Dimensions (WxHxD) 210x43x187 mm (antennas not incl.)
Antenna 255 mm (not bent)
Net Weight 0.53 kg
Transmitter Power 10 mW(Max)
Modulation Type FM
Max Deviation ±25 kHz
Spurious Emission >40 dB
Battery Voltage 3 V (2x1.5 V AA Battery)
Continuous Using 5 hours
Pocket Transmitter Dimensions (WxHxD) 62x103x30 mm
Antenna (W/DxH) Ø3x9 mm
Pocket Transmitter Net Weight 0.132 kg (batteries included)

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