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6 LED UVC Sterilizing Box

SOUNDSATION UVC-BOX uses UVC LED lights to eliminate most of the bacteria/viruses that may be present on commonly used objects such as microphones, headphones, etc. LED UVC light kills bacteria/viruses by destroying its DNA or RNA, to stop them from reproduction and regeneration physicallyThis product is extremely practical, portable and with a high disinfection rate of up to 99.99%. UVC-BOX is safe, free of radiation and helps to avoid contact transmission of viruses / bacteria.

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Key features & Specifications


Key features

High disinfection rate up to 99.99%
Disinfection time of about 3 minutes for items placed in the box
Easy to use
Power adapter and USB power cable included in the package
Good size for inserting objects and grey finish
More specifications


UVC LED Life 10000 Hours
Wavelength 265nm
Input Voltage 5V
Output Voltage 8,1V
Power 4.6W
Current 760mA
Power Input Connector USB (C-type)
Power supplier Included
USB power cable Included
Working Temperature 0 ~ 40°C
Dimensions(WxDxH) 305x210x165 mm
Weight 0,74Kg (power supply and USB cable excluded)
Packing Dimensions(WxDxH) 360x260x50 mm
Packing Weight 1,2Kg