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  • I'm an end user, can i buy directly from

    No, Soundsation feautures a wide online and offline stores network (check the STORES menu) providing all the support you need before, during and after your purchases.

  • How can i pay my orders?

    Orders have to be payed to the store where you buy. All SOUNDSATION resellers offer the most common methods of payment such as credit card or PayPal.

  • How can i find Soundsation offline stores?

    You can use our STORE LOCATOR and easily catch the nearest offline shops.

  • If the store has no stock, can i buy a product from your site directly?

    No, but you can place your order to the shop anyway, or contact us through our contact form. SOUNDSATION will take care of your request and will provide a solution to help you in your purchase.

  • The price shown in your site is the price i will pay in stores?

    The price reported at is a suggested retail price for official SOUNDSATION resellers. This means that in no cases you should pay more for that product.

  • I need post-sell support. Who am i supposed to contact?

    The suggested option is always referring to the store where you purchased the product (both for online or offline purchases). Should this not be possible, you can refer to official centers listed under SERVICES/SUPPORT menu in our site.

  • I need warranty services. Who am i supposed to contact?

    You have always to refer to the store where you buyed your product. 2 year standard warranty starts from the date of purchase reported on your receipt or invoice. Product registration at is strongly recommended even if not mandatory.

  • On which produtcs can i get the warranty extension?

    You can claim for warranty extension on products featuring a serial number. The serial number is composed by 16 digits and can be found on the rear or at the base of the product. The warranty extension adds 1 year to your original 2 years warranty (total 3 years starting from purchasing date).

  • How do promotional vouchers work?

    Promotional vouchers provide advantages to SOUNDSATION end users. They can consist in a discount on retail price or in gifts for those who buys products or joins events/promotions. More info on ongoing promotional vouchers are available at

  • How can i subscribe/unsubscribe to your newsletter?

    You can subscribe to SOUNDSATION newsletter in our Home Page. You can easily unsubscribe in any moment following the instructions at the bottom of our newsletter.

  • How can i become a dealer or a distributor for Soundsation products?

    Simply compile the online form in our site. You will be prompltly contacted by our staff.

  • I can't find a downloadable manual for a product. What can i do?

    You can contact us compiling the form in our site and our staff will provide the requested support.