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2.4GHz DMX512 wireless transmitter for Soundsation 5x18W and 5x10W Battery Powered Pars

WDX-100 is a 2.4GHz wireless DMX512 interface for Soundsation PAR-18-4-BW and PAR-10-5-BW and allows them to be controlled without the use of DMX cables. The system operates on 2,400-2,525 GHz licence-free band and can be used on maximum 7 transmitter-receiver pairs, for a total of 126 DMX channels. Setting it up is easy and immediate. The device requires an external power supply (included).

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Key features & Specifications


Key features

Up to 7 transmitter-receiver pairs simultaneously
Up to 126 DMX512 channels
Controls 1 setup button to change ID value; 1 LED to show 7 different colors according to the chosen ID; 1 power connector.
More specifications


Power requirement 5Vcc, 1A (adapter included)
Dimension (without antenna) 137mm x D18mm
Dimension (with antenna) 215 x D18mm
Net weight 0.08 kg