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Ultramicrofiber Maintenance and Care Cloth (30x30cm) for Musical instruments

Universal cleaning product suitable in all situations and excellent for cleaning musical instruments such as brass, woods, guitars, strings, polish pianos and even pro audio and DJ equipment.The very thin microfilaments of which the cloth is made make it an efficient tool for capturing dirt, dust and other contaminants. The ultra-microfiber offers perfect protection of delicate surfaces without scratching or leaving abrasions and also does not release fibers. Thanks to the properties of the ultra-microfibre, the cloth will last very long, allowing for infinite washes. It is also very innovative from a hygienic point of view as it avoids the formation of bacteria and mites. It dries very quickly.

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Key features & Specifications


Key features

Suitable for all surfaces and especially delicate ones.
It does not mark and does not release fibers
Anti mite and and bacteria
Resistant to countless washes and therefore durable over time
Absorb moisture
Square shape of 30x30 cm