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Sopran Bb Flugelhorn

Soundsation SFLH-10G sopran flugelhorn is built with high attention on details. With creamy and warm timber, it offers smooth emission and perfect intonation. Suitable for marching bands and ensembles.

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Key features & Specifications


Key features

Material brass
Stainless steel 0,413" pistons w/perloid fittings
Bore diameter Ø 10,5mm (0,413")
Bell Diameter Ø 151,80mm (6")
3 Pitch slides on main bore, first and third piston
3 Waterkeys on main bore, first and third pistons
Finish gold lacquered
Included in the package mouthpiece, lubrificant oil, cleaning gloves and cloth
Shaped soft case with accessory pouch and strap included