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SoundSation Lightblaster 1200 CMZ RGBW - So Much More Than a Strobe...

SoundSation Lightblaster
- So Much More Than a Strobe...

Offering professionals practical and effective products at a competitive price-point.

The Soundsation catalogue includes a number of products within both the professional audio and professional lighting worlds. These are all united by a common strategy: offering professionals practical and effective products at a competitive price-point.

With Lightblaster 1200 CMZ, SoundSation is delivering to an additional market segment, providing an outdoor fixture with strobe effect (from 0 to 30 Hz), with an included wash effect with 4 dimmer curves. All this with a dispersion angle of 100°.

Particularly powerful and flexible, the fixture is equipped with 1200 high-output 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs, which can be divided into 5 independent zones. This zoning offers Lighting Designers extended creative possibilities, with the ability of utilising different lighting sections for different purposes.

Not only that, but as with all other SoundSation fixtures, it is possible to control Lightblaster 1200 CMZ in a simplified mode as a strobe or wash fixture and with a reduced number of DMX channels. Additionally, the fixture can operate in a more advanced mode, utilising 18 DMX channels allowing for precise control over individual areas.

This second possibility is particularly interesting and effective if several units are used in the same lighting plot. When combined in various configurations, this can offer the flexibility to create original and highly customisable scenes.

The design of the housing, as is the tradition of SoundSation, is linear and solid. Built from a watertight die-cast aluminum frame, the fixture has an IP65 degree of protection for outdoor use. Furthermore, the inlet and outlet connections are also watertight to ensure optimum IP protection, which is not always the case in similar products within the same price range. Screwed to the chassis, the fixture features an adjustable bracket that allows for fixing to truss.

To the rear of the unit, an accessible and clear display with simplified buttons allows for immediate installation without the necessity for external control. Remote control is of course possible through the fixture’s DMX connections.

Despite being a product designed for outside use, care and attention has been given to ensuring the silent performance of the fixture. A convection cooling system, utilising aluminum cooling surfaces, make the Lightblaster 1200 CMZ usable in any environment.

As with all SoundSation products, Lightblaster 1200 CMZ deserves to be experienced hands on! So, if you simply can’t believe that a fixture at this price-point can offer all of this, the invitation is always open to visit Frenexport’s distributor, in Via Enzo Ferrari, 10, 62017 Porto Recanati (MC). Call in and get hands on with the fixture for yourselves, we’ll be waiting!