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SoundSation SoundSation Thesis 1240RZ: Ready for Creativity!

SoundSation SoundSation Thesis 1240RZ: Ready for Creativity!

SoundSation has years of experience in listening to and interpreting the needs of Lighting Designers, in order to create concrete and effective products that stand out in the increasingly crowded market of professional lighting. The real challenge is to offer products that are truly useful and efficient, yet achievable at an affordable price-point. Thesis 740RZ and 1240RZ both meet this objective, raising expectations even further thanks to the use of Osram LEDs, as well as refined and silent mechanics that finely control the fixtures’ PAN and TILT movements. Zoom is also controlled with the same level of care, which can be set from 4.5° up to 45° in just 1.2 seconds. This is an exceptional result that, together with the fixtures’ other features, makes the Thesis series truly multipurpose.

The twelve 40W LEDs (giving the 1240RZ its name) and the seven in the 740RZ make up the fixtures’ light sources. The possibility of controlling individual pixels allows the user to indulge themselves in decidedly creative effects such as rainbow, single pixel, circular, sectional and more. Colour temperature is controllable from 2800K to 8500K, whilst the strobe effect can be set from 1 to 20Hz.

Further evidence of the care and attention given to fixture quality can also be seen in the considered choice of internal components. For example, 16-bit three-phase motors offer extremely fluid, precise and silent movements, whilst internal cooling is achieved by an electronically controlled fan base that always operates at minimal volume.

The fireproof plastic chassis is robust, with a simple and modern design that features impressive impact resistance. This is possible despite a weight of just over 11kg in the 740RZ model and 14kg in the 1240RZ

model. The display and user interface are clearly visible and accessible, offering intuitive and immediate navigation between the various menus. This is further aided by five well-positioned keys, ensuring equally simple and fast navigation through the fixtures’ options.

DMX512, Master-Slave, Auto and Sound-activated control options are available - each offering different possibilities of use. This ranges from fully automatic operation, to an advanced DMX mode that allows for the control of individual LED colours.

Both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections provide additional versatility, as well as IN / OUT Power Connector for daisy-chaining multiple fixtures - drastically reducing the amount of cable required.

All this is offered by the Thesis RZ Series, available from distributor Frenexport as stand alone fixtures, as well as in "set" packages that include flight cases for transportation and storage.

Want to try them for yourselves? The invitation to the office of Frenexport - via Enzo Ferrari 10 in Porto Recanati - is always open, where an opportunity to check the quality of Thesis as well as other SoundSation products awaits.