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Soundsation Spire 440 XL set: a complete package!

Soundsation Spire 440 XL set:
a complete package!

Quality and performance at competitive prices, products that best facilitate the field work.

Those who know Soundsation will know just how attentive the company is to the real needs of both the market and the professionals within it. SoundSation products have always offered quality and performance at competitive prices, but above all they offer products that best facilitate the field work of technicians and other professionals.

This is certainly the case with this set, consisting of two SPIRE XL 440 professional moving heads contained comfortably within a robust and functional flightcase, ideal for medium-large live applications.

SPIRE XL 440 is a 3-in-1 moving head able to function as Beam, Spot or Wash, thanks to the fixture’s refined optics and a standard 20R 440W lamp with 8000K color temperature.

Accuracy is key with the fixture, with features including linear electronic dimming (0-100%), precision shutter (1-20hz) and variable beam angle from 2.3° to 56° with linear electronic zoom and focus. Pan and tilt movements are extremely precise and silent, thanks to three-phase motors and electronic correction of positioning errors.

The projector also includes all the functions required by the most demanding of Lighting Designers. This includes such a colour wheel with 12 dichroic slots, plus two CTO, one CTB, one CMY, white-open, semi-color effect and rainbow effect. There’s also two fixed gobo wheels and one rotating gobo wheel, all with bi-directional rotation.

Additionally, we find an 8-sided and 16-sided prism, as well as an effective frost effect for applications where a homogeneous and powerful wash is required.

Remote control of the unit is achieved via DMX or RDM, as well as directly from the projector thanks to a 3.7" touch display. The fixture also features a front USB port, which allows for connection to a powerbank. This enables setup of the machine to be achieved even when not powered on.

The set’s flightcase is also designed to be highly functional, robust and efficient. This is thanks to details such as the front door of the unit, which opens to reveal space for hooks and clamps to remain attached to the fixtures. These fundamental considerations make it immediately clear that the SoundSation Spire 440 XL set was created by those who truly understand the "hands-on" requirements of professionals.

All SoundSation products are available for a direct test at the Frenexport distributor, located at Via Enzo Ferrari, 10, 62017 Porto Recanati (MC). Get in touch today!