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Marco Piemontese by Marco Piemontese
On February 21, 2020

SoundSation YouMix Media Series

Soundsation's YouMix Media series includes YouMix 202 and YouMix 402, with 6 and 8 integrated channels respectively. With 3-band equalizer per channel, YouMix Media series includes an integrated multi-effect processor, USB socket for MP3 file playback and Bluetooth for wireless playback - all featuring high-quality components. Particular attention has been paid to ergonomics, which, once again, distinguish a Soundsation product from the crowd.

SoundSation's YouMix Media series of compact mixers fits nicely into a decidedly crowded segment of the market - one where products are often very alike. Often, when looking closer at components, you soon discover that the similarities go well beyond the mere aesthetics of these devices.

To distinguish itself from the multitude of mixers that the market offers, as well as to present effective and credible products to the public, SoundSation have designed the YouMix Media series with close attention to detail, both in terms of component choice and ergonomics.

YouMix 202 Media and YouMix 402 Media are 6-channel and 8-channel mixers respectively, with integrated digital effects, 3-band equalizer, USB port for playback of mp3 files, bluetooth connection and 60mm faders of superior quality.

Details such as the 60mm faders (also used for effect return so as to achieve precise adjustment), the encoder to adjust and select the effects, or even the clear and functional arrangement of the controls, give a precise indication of how this product was designed and conceived by an attentive R&D department, accustomed to working in the field.

The microphone channel strip, common to both versions, features quality pre-amplifiers that offer high headroom and optimum signal-to-noise ratio to ensure clean and natural sound for a multitude of sources. The presence of the phantom power - placed in a position that can be easily reached at the rear of the mixer body, also allows for the use of condenser microphones. The channel is completed by a 3-band equalizer (two bands + trim for Line channels), pan control, "solo" button and gain control.

On the right side of the surface there is another carefully crafted and multifunctional element: an LCD screen that, through a simple switch button, can display the digital multi-effect controls or functions of the bluetooth and USB connections - thus saving space without sacrificing function.

On the right side we find the dedicated multi-effect section, offering 256 presets with the most commonly used effects (Room, Hall, Vocal and Plate Reverbs; Delay; Echo; Chorus; Flanger and Combo).

The two mixers are equipped with a USB player that accepts MP3 files (up to 48kHz - 32-bit @320kbps) and bluetooth connection for playback of audio streaming signals.

All the controls and connections of the YouMix series are placed on the front of the mixer, to create a rational and intuitive layout. Completing the equipment, we find a headphone jack with ΒΌ inch TRS, unbalanced IN with RCA connectors, plus L + R master outputs in XLR format.

Although these are products dedicated to small services, such as piano bars and DJ sets, the SoundSation YouMix series retains the attention to detail and that search for usability that only those who are used to thinking as the user are able to offer. For this reason, SoundSation products have been enjoying a great level of success amongst professionals for years, a success that is not only due to the attractive price point...

If we were to describe these new mixers with tags alone, we could certainly use #simple, #performance #effective! So, what are you waiting for? YouMix Media Series can be tried and tested at one of the many retailers in Italy, or directly in our office in Porto Recanati.

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