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Soundsation ZEUS II H-5000QX a solid and powerful 4 channel amplifier

Soundsation ZEUS II H-5000QX
a solid and powerful
4 channel amplifier

An important step forward in terms of performance, weight and power.

On the whole, the technology behind professional power amplifiers has not seen many major changes over the years of their existence. Of course, this trend excludes the historical transition from "analogue" to “digital”. This is something that, in our sector in particular, represented a significant step forward in terms of performance, portability and power. Since digital amplification showed up many producers have tried to capitalise on the characteristics that have instant appeal with users. Power, lightness and portability are key to a successful product, with many brands also enriching their products with signal processors and network cards. Although useful and desirable, these additional components have significantly increased the cost of purchase, as well as the number of possible points of failure. ZEUS II H-5000QX by SoundSation was born from the idea of doing what it was created to do - to amplify an audio signal. The goal is to offer the public the essentials in a solid and reliable product and, once again, at an affordable price-point. 4 channels, a solution now adopted by the vast majority of producers thanks to its practicality, seemed the obvious choice for the product, falling in line with the needs and wants of the average user. ZEUS II H-5000QX is a highly effective solution for both travelling and fixed installations. It is able to meet a diverse range of needs, due to the power it can achieve in both a stereo and parallel configuration.

On each of its 4 channels (800W @ 8ohm, or 1200W @ 4ohm) a crossover provides both low-pass and high-pass filters, for use with either full-range or subwoofer systems. A sophisticated protection system includes much more than a simple signal limiter - with on-off muting, DC offset detection, thermal protection and current limiting. Another fundamental design aspect, especially important for installation applications with prolonged operating times, is the unit’s cooling system. This extremely efficient system is able to control the speed of the two fans according to the needs of the unit, so as to provide optimal noise-reduction wherever possible. bove all, the practical aspect that the ZEUS II series can offer is clear - a 4-channel amplifier at an accessible price-point. This is something that is not readily available on the market - making Soundsation’s ZEUS II series a product that can sit comfortably alongside far more expensive products from the high-end market, or as a redundancy option to ensure that regular supply to a system’s speakers is maintained.