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Gig bags, soft cases and hard cases

Gig bags, soft cases and hard cases

New hot entries on Soundsation gear protection program!

Soundsation really cares about your gear protection: say hello to the new PGB series gigbags, available in 5mm and 10mm padding, and to our new DHC series drop shaped hard cases.

PGB-5/PGB-10 series padded gig bags (Availability: July 2016)
PGB series bags, featuring 5mm or 10mm padding, spot adjustable straps, handle and pockets for notebook and convenient accessories storage. PGB-5 (5mm padding) is offered for bass, classic, acoustic and electric guitar, while PGB-10 (10mm padding) is available for acoustic, classic, electric guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, buzouky.




series - Soft cases (Availability: July 2016)

Soundsation softcases, featuring a 5mm woodshell + 20mm padding, perfectly gather sturdiness, comfort and style, protecting your instruments in any conditions and providing all the portability you need with adjustable straps and padded handle. Available in a wide range of sizes for guitars and basses.


DHC series - Drop shaped hard cases (Availability: September 2016)

By popular demand, here we go with drop shaped hard cases! Built in wood, featuring black inner padding, pocket and metal chromed locks, DHC series hard cases are the best solution to protect and carry your gear with comfort and safety. Available for electric guitar and bass.



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