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Wireless has never been easier!

Soundsation, a brand known and appreciated for its professional, simple and effective products, has recently introduced to the market a new line of UHF wireless microphone systems called Pocketmic, offering professional quality with incredible ease of use.

Why is it so easy to use Pocketmic?

Because all you have to do is turn it on and its integrated frequency search system chooses from 16 available frequencies and opts for the most stable one with the least interference. No manual assignment, no scanning, no setting, just the ON button and you're ready to go!

The ease of use do not affect on the overall quality, which is guaranteed thanks to the use of increasingly sophisticated and integrated digital technology, which makes it possible to reduce the size of the circuitry while maintaining a high sound standard. Just consider Soundsation's expertise in selecting high-quality components to enhance vocal performance and improve durability and practicality and you will have a successful Pocketmic product.

The Pocketmic family:

The series consists of four models that share the technical features that make them so attractive.

The first system is POCKETMIC U16H-A1, a compact UHF wireless system with 16 channels (521.4-549.6MHz) consisting of an handheld microphone with display and receiver. The second, also (521.4-549.6MHz) is called POCKETMIC U16HH-A1, where the second "H" means that there are two handheld microphones with two channels available in the kit.

The second 'sub-category' reflects the technical features of all Pocketmics, but operates over a wider frequency range: POCKETMIC U16H-A2 is a system with a single handheld microphone covering a range of 606-613.5MHz, while POCKETMIC U16HH-A2 has two channels and two microphones.

Technical features:

Basically, each Pocketmic system operates on UHF bands with automatic search assignment and has remarkable pickup characteristics. The capsules, dynamic and with a cardioid polar pattern, are capable of dynamic range up to >90dB with a signal-to-noise ratio >80dB and total harmonic distortion <0.3%.

The frequency response ranges from 40Hz to 20kHz ±3dB and the audio output level is 400mV ±20mV. Operation is safe and very stable up to an ideal distance of approximately 50m.

The quality is also evident in the materials, which are always pleasant to the touch yet robust, and in the convenient and visible integrated screen on each microphone. The receiving bodypack is also solid and very compact.

Each system comes with a padded carrying case!

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