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ZEUS H5000 – powerful and versatile 4 channel amplifier

ZEUS H5000 – powerful and versatile 4 channel amplifier

A small/medium live setup normally consist of 2 subwoofers and 2 satellites for the medium/high frequencies. In this way it has enough power and sound propagation is well distributed. In most common configurations, you need to use 2 power amps in stereo mode and it’s necessary to have a crossover to split the frequencies between each power amp channel.

This configuration, though can grant good results in terms of performance, can be inconvenient and expansive. First you need to buy and to carry around 2 power amps, you need a good crossover and setup with the proper frequency split and in addition you need all connecting cables between mixers, crossovers, the power amps and the speaker. These should be high quality in order to grand good sound transmission and foremost to avoid damages to your equipment.

Zeus H5000 instead is an all-in-one, easy, versatile and powerful solution. Class H power amp, features 4 indipendent channels with a power 800W RMS each at 8Ω, 1050Watt RMS each at 4Ω up to 2100W RMS at 8 Ω. It’s a possible to use a wide range of configuration thanks to the 3 different working modes: stereo, bridge, parallel. You can easily find the best configuration for your speakers and needs in a medium/small setup.

Having 4 channel and an integrated crossover is an obvious advantage. You can connect 2 subwoofers and 2/4 full range speakers independently with a single power amp in stereo mode. In this way you can use just one piece of equipment instead of 3 in the classic configuration (crossover + 2 amps). You don’t need so many cables and carry around your equipment becomes a much easier task.

Zeus H5000 has more configuration possibilities to offer. Other than stereo mode as described, it can be setup in bridge or parallel mode. Parallel mode is perfect for small installation, as it’s possible to connect up to 8 speaker with 8Ω impedence using the 4 available speakon outputs

During product designing and development safety and rielability has been taken seriously into account. Equipped with Forced Air Cooling with variable speed adjustment system, thermal protection, overload protection, DC power out protection and component break protection, Zeus H5000 is a really versatile, powerful and reliable solution.


Main Features

- 5000 W Max Power
- Forced Air Cooling with variable speed adjustment
- Balanced XLR
- 4-poles Speakon Outputs
- Protection: Thermal, Overload,DC output and Broken component
- LED indicators: Power, Clip, Signal, Protect
- Configuration: Stero, Bridge, Parallel

- Crossover filter for sub-woofers 30-150Hz